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Smallbatch Product Range 

Freeze Dried Sliders

Suitable for Dogs only

Main meals or act as topper.

We take great pride in our sourcing, using wonderful local farms and ranches.


Freeze Dried Bites

Suitable for Cats & Dogs

Meal topper or act as treat.

Entice picky eaters!


Freeze Dried Treats

Suitable for Cats & Dogs

100% single ingredient.
Less prone to allergy reactions!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Yup, it’s true raw chicken may contain bacteria. However, your dog or cat’s digestive system can easily deal with it(us humans can’t and that’s why we cook our food, generally). Your pet’s system was designed by nature to tolerate bacteria. Just think of all the stuff your dog tends to eat sometimes…hello? Trash, feces, licking their own privates? Enough with the graphic stuff, yes there may be some bacteria and yes your pet has a system that can handle it. Always remember to use safe handling methods when feeding raw chicken or any raw meat. Oh, and if you want to know more about the chicken we use in our batches and blends, shoot us an email and we’ll tell you more about it!


Simply put, it’s really not recommended. Mixing the two is sometimes the only way to transition from kibble to raw, but it may actually put more strain on the digestive system because they digest at different rates. Raw food is much more digestible, taking only 3-4 hours, while kibble usually takes 9-12 hours. That’s a big difference! Kibble is cooked and processed therefore it’s harder for your pet to digest because the molecules are bound tighter together. So, when raw and kibble are mixed together the raw will digest, leaving some of the kibble to rise to body temperature and ferment. Bacteria level in your pet’s digestive system will then rise and can cause some unwanted problems. Eeeep! No one wants that. If you are feeding both raw and kibble we suggest you alternate the two. For instance, feed raw for breakfast and kibble for dinner or vice versa.

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Small Batch FOR DOGS]: Widget
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