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Zulu Chicken Meat Sprinkles

Nandi Chicken FD Sprinkles.png

-Ideal for dogs prone to allergies


-Single protein

-Intense natural flavor

Did you know roosters try to woo hens with a little dance called "tidbitting'? They bob their heads and make a certain call. Your dogs is likely to do the same when they get a whiff of these delicious Zulu Chicken Sprinkles.

Zulu chickens or so called village chickens are a free range chicken commonly found in rural of South Africa.


Chicken (min 70%), sweet potato, carrot, cabbage, fish oil, kelp, apple cider vinegar, tocopherol-rich extract.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein (min %): 48

Crude Fat (min %): 18

Crude Fibre/Fiber (max %): 3

Moisture (max %): 10

Calorie Content (Calculated ME): 

5250 kcal ME/kg

1 kcal ME/serving

Feeding Suggestion:

Add a sprinkle or two of Nandi freeze-dried meat sprinkles on top of your dog's regular dry or wet food to add a boost of natural flavour and nutrition.

Available in 2oz only

Product of South Africa

Karoo Ostirch Entree Info: Inner_about
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