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Savannah Venison Meat Sprinkles

Nandi Venison FD Sprinkles.png

-Ideal for dogs prone to allergies


-Single protein

-Intense natural flavor

Nandi Bushveld Venison is sustainably sourced from free-roaming antelope, including the oddly named wildebeest. Also known as the gnu (so fun to say), wildebeest meat is naturally lean and healthy. That's why we're sure your dog will go absolutely wild for these sprinkles.


Venison organ meat

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein (min %): 74.5

Crude Fat (min %): 7.5

Crude Fibre/Fiber (max %): 3.7

Moisture (max %): 8.8

Calorie Content (Calculated ME): 

5190 kcal ME/kg

1 kcal ME/serving

Feeding Suggestion:

Add a sprinkle or two of Nandi freeze-dried meat sprinkles on top of your dog's regular dry or wet food to add a boost of natural flavour and nutrition.

Available in 2oz only

Product of South Africa

Karoo Ostirch Entree Info: Inner_about
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